Sweet Love

About This Tea

Ingredients: Black China Tea, Liquorice Root, Guarana Seeds, Spices, Pink Peppercorn and Flavouring.
Brew Technique: 85-90°C, 3-4 Minutes
Supplier: Kusmi Tea

Sweet Love Black tea by Kusmi Tea


Before you even get the teabag near water, for steeping, a great wash of spices fills the air. No specific spice being distinct, but a pleasant chai like flavour consumes the surrounding area.

Sweet Love Black tea by Kusmi Tea


Let’s be straight. This is a chai. Most importantly though, it’s a very good chai. Predominantly this is a strong mix of spices, with pepper shining through to heat the tongue and a fantastic syrupy liquorice in the finish at the back of the throat. The actual tea provides a subtle undertone of dryness, but combined with the spices it creates such a comforting flavour that it kind of makes you want to cuddle around the cup.

Sweet Love Black Tea by Kusmi Tea

Final Thought

My first thoughts when sipping this was that this was a winter tea. Despite this, I think Sweet Love is perfect for Valentines day. After all, the first day of spring isn’t until late March, it’s still a little cold and grey and the evenings are still closing in at around 5.30PM. It’s all pretty miserable and glum and actually, I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite ready to unwrap myself from my hot water bottle and duvet fueled evening hibernation. It’s still too cold and dark to venture too far from these comforts and so, I can think of few other companions to keep me warm this Valentines if my Boyf doesn’t pull through with something!



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