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Happy 1st Birthday Tea Tourist! What an incredible year of tea adventures it's been. In the summer of 2016, I sat with eager anticipation for the subscription box to launch. I have since watched the brand grow, develop and strengthen into the awesome product it is today.! Never has there been a greater way to explore the world of tea and tea companies. Here's to a successful 2018!

Autumn Fire | Leaf Tea Shop

Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Rose Blossoms and Almonds.
Tasting Notes: Sweet, creamy flavours follow citrus, spices and a lasting dry hit of rose. It's like taking a bite of a multi-layered, multi-flavoured cake! It's everything I could want in a tea right now since I'm going through a rose-obsessed phase.
Enjoyed: On a freezing cold, snowy Vancouver morning. Tea tourist Leaf Tea Shop Autumn Fire Black tea

Ali Mountain Oolong | Golden Tea Leaf Co.

Tasting Notes: Ali Shan is one of my favourite types of oolong. Those floral-lily type flavours get me! They are so. damn. good. I always have some form of this oolong stored for a rainy day.
Enjoyed: During a downpour, when I want to remember sunshine. Tea Tourist Ali Mountain Oolong tea Golden Tea Leaf Co.

Cheshire Breakfast | Cheshire Tea Co.

Ingredients: Black tea and Safflower Petals.
Tasting Notes: A strong, robust tea! Perfect for a morning wake-up. Without milk, it's a little bitter, especially when steeped for the recommended time of 4.5 minutes. I went for just a minute and it was already punchy and brisk! With milk, this tea is a perfect British breakfast tea; strong, with an added creaminess to tone it down. Enjoyed: As a first work cuppa on a super wet morning. I was running late and hadn't managed to neck a cup at home before leaving! Tea Tourist Cheshire Breakfast Cheshire Tea Company

Jade Tips | Good & Proper Tea

Tasting Notes: Although this is my nightmare tea; a super grassy green tea, it's easy to recognise that this is a quality tea.
Enjoyed: Quickly. Tea Tourist Jade Tips Green Tea Good & Proper Tea

Himalayan Darjeeling | Pure Leaf

Tasting Notes: I made a cup... and in an act of pure disaster managed to spill the whole thing over my desk... What a cluts... After wiping up the spill, which took many paper towels, I settled down with a second cuppa. I've had a couple of different types of Darjeeling recently and they've all been so different! What surprised me most is that the classic muscatel notes of Darjeeling were really weak. Instead, this tea adopted a light tobacco flavour. It's a nice brew but, despite it's Great Taste award, it's an unremarkable Darjeeling.
Enjoyed: As a post-lunch pick me up at the office. Tea Tourist Himalayan Darjeeling Black Tea Pure Leaf

Black Cardamom Chai | IChai

Ingredients: Black Tea, Cinnamon, Black Cardamom, Green Cardamom, Star Anise and Cloves.
Tasting Notes: As soon as the packet is opened the scent is wonderfully overpowering. Just like sitting in front of a fire... The spiced aroma seems to wrap its warming arms around you instantly! The brewed tea is tannic, but the cardamom is so strong that it helps to eradicates those bitter notes. It's punchy and unmistakably spiced. Enjoyed: With friends on boxing day. Tea Tourist Ichai Black cardamom Chai Black Tea

Shortbread Heart | Rachael's Secret Tea Room

Tasting Notes: I think it's understandable that the biscuit broke, considering it's travelled halfway across the world... From the UK to Vancouver! Being broken didn't affect the gorgeous flavours of nuts, butter and honey, created from an infusion of rooibos tea!
Enjoyed: As a post-work, pre-dinner snack.

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