Teagime: The Diary of a Teatox

14th May 2016

Teagime Teatox Tea Subscription Box

I’ve started this post wayyy in advance, mainly because I’ve got all hyped up and excited. Tonight I ordered my Teagime teatox!!! Whilst I have previously avoided teatox and slimming or dietry type teas, as I don’t necessarily agree with the ethic of them, I do really like the idea behind Teagime, whereby you complete a questionnaire in order to procure a personalised two week Teagime. I’ve always suffered with bad skin in the form of light acne breakouts and blemishes, which have affected my confidence from time to time. At the moment I’m having one of these breakouts, so one of my Teagime “health goals” is to achieve radiant skin, along with increased energy and stronger hair, nails and skin. However, you can also opt for weight management, improvement of brain function and anti-ageing. Your weight and height are needed as part of the questionnaire process, along with whether you eat breakfast and if you suffer any ailments, for instance I ticked acne and other (then typed in migraines).You can also choose your flavour likes and dislikes from the following: fruity, flowery, spicy, herby and minty. It all give hints at being pretty scientific, as well as personable, which is why I’m excited to see what flavours are personalised for me. I absolutely cannot wait!! :D
More when my Teagime arrives!

Teagime Teatox Tea Subscription Box

17th May 2016

My Teagime arrived!!! Nice fast delivery! Super Excited to start this tomorrow.

In my previous entry, I mentioned that I suffer with bad skin quite regularly, so I’ve wiped most the gunk off my face and here’s a before pic of my skin. Sorry for the silly faces! I am a little self-conscious without makeup so no hate please!

Teagime Teatox Tea Subscription Box

I didn’t opt for a weight management tea as part of health and lifestyle questionnaire, however I did get teas with some of those types of properties, so here’s a little stomach pic. I’m quite slim anyway so I don’t need to lose weight, however I do bloat a lot. Although this isn’t something I mentioned in my questionnaire, I’m curious to see if my teas make a difference.

18th May 2016

Day 1: I started my Teagime today with a great cup of tea this morning. However, my first day hasn’t gone well… Due to going to dinner with my partner and having a few too many cocktails, I forgot to make an evening tea!

19th May 2016

Day 2: Deary me, I’m not doing well at this, busy day at work and when I got home I realised I had forgotten to drink my afternoon tea!

20th May 2016

Day 3: In today’s update I’m going to just quickly be running through the experience of receiving my Teagime pack. The pack arrived in a slim pack box, so it should fit right through your letterbox, meaning you won’t have to worry about going to pick it up from your local depot. Upon opening the pack you will see your morning, afternoon and evening tea that has been personally blended for you, along with an information booklet, a welcome sheet explaining your personalised teas and two, yes two, Teagime infusers. To some this may seem excessive, however, if you think about it, you will realise that this is actually more convenient, allowing you to keep one at work and one at home, without the hassle of carrying an infuser around. The information booklet is beautifully set out with lovely pictures included inside, as is the welcome sheet.

Teagime Teatox Tea Subscription Box

Today is the first day So far I’ve managed to stick to having all my teas! I’m a bit of sporadic person, so I find new routines hard to get into. If, like me, you’re a bit haphazard just set reminders on your phone. With my irregularity with my Teagime in mind, I’m still getting to know my teas, therefore I have opted not to talk about my teas. Over the weekend I shall set to work writing about the teas I received so that my next entry you can read all about them!

22nd May 2015

Day 5: I'm finally starting to drink all my teas on a daily basis now and beginning to feel like I am in a routine. So let's look at the blends! Finally!


Warming Boost: Oolong, Ginger, Holy Basil and Allspice Berry. Warming Boost Oolong Teagime Teatox Tea Subscription Box This was by far my favourite tea in the pack for multiple reasons. Firstly, Oolong is my favourite kind of tea due to its broad variety and complex flavours across a whole range of spectrums. Secondly, I love ginger. Anything ginger. I felt this tea served to refresh my mind and awaken my senses. It was really great the morning after some cocktails and actually, has been great every morning this week. I’m usually up by 6/6.30AM for work so it’s nice to have a light stimulating tea rather than a heavy black tea. The ginger could probably be a little stronger for my preferences, but it’s still very noticeable.


Be Like The Honeybee: Oolong, Fever Few and Bee Pollen. Be Like The HoneyBee Oolong Tea Teagime Teatox Tea Subscription Box Despite the addition of another oolong, this was my least favourite in the pack. If I’m being honest, I really didn’t like this the first time I tried this. It doesn’t really have any honey notes, I couldn’t taste the oolong and it tasted quite similar to chamomile, which I had stated I didn’t like on my questionnaire. After two days of struggling through drinking this and really not liking it, I decided to cold brew the tea instead. I found this drastically improved the tea and whilst I still didn’t massively like it and it left a powdery feel on my tongue from the pollen, I have managed to drink it more successfully and it felt much more refreshing and hydrating this way.


A Bed Of Clouds: Rose, Red Clover and Fennel. A Bed Of Clouds Rose Tea Teagime Teatox Tea Subscription Box I’m quite partial to a bit of rose tea every now and then, but it’s not often that I go for a rose blend before bed. I usually go for mint or rooibos. I found this to be a lovely change though. It’s gentle, without letting the rose be overpowering and it look incredibly beautiful! Here's another picture, because just look at it.

27th May 2016

Day 11: Well I’m over a week down now, very nearing the end of my 2 week teagime. Despite my reminders, I'm slipping and still really struggling with sticking to a routine with these teas. This is mainly due to my lifestyle and personality. The easiest is the morning tea, which I love, and find it absolutely glorious to wake to. However, I’ve completely stopped drinking my afternoon tea, unfortunately I just can’t get on with the flavour. Finally, I am very intermittent with the evening tea, but the nights I've curled on the couch, it’s a welcome addition and made me feel extremely relaxed for bedtime.

1st June 2016

It was my final day testing teagime yesterday. Here are my final thoughts.
I was a little sad that I didn’t get on with my afternoon tea. I don’t begrudge teagime for this, but it just felt a waste. (Disclaimer: no tea was harmed during the making of this post and has now gone to a loving home). In contrast, perhaps this gives me a more realistic perception of the experience. No one is perfect or a miracle worker and sometimes things just don’t go right. But what’s great is that you can learn about what works for you and update your questionnaire so that next time, your tea changes towards your newly discovered preference. In terms of the health benefits of the questionnaire. My blemishes didn’t disappear, but like I said no one is a miracle worker and I wasn’t expecting the tea to cure my frequently occurring blemishes. Also I wasn't very good at sticking with the Teagime... My bad. However, drinking the teas (the ones I did like) did make me feel good. Whether this is a placebo or some kind of psychological effect, I don’t know and to be honest, I don’t care either. Why worry. If you feel good and happy it doesn’t matter why or what causes it.

All this being considered, here is my list of 6 reasons Teagime is a great product.
1. It’s a great pack to introduce you to new types of tea and blends.
2. The blends are unique.
3. Teagime introduces you to the fact that tea and herbs can work in unison to be beneficial to the mind and body.
4. It’s a reminder to drink more, thus helping to keep you hydrated.
5. It’s good value for money, in terms of quality and quantity of the tea.
6. It genuinely makes you feel good.


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