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Hope & Glory Tea

The Event

Hope & Glory, a tea company that aims to provide quality tea whilst emphasising their connection to Indian culture, hosted an event at the Belgraves Hotel in London. The key focus of the event was to show case their beautiful new selection of gift sets, which includes tea sets in very stylish wooden presentation boxes.

Hope & Glory Tea - teapot and cups Gift Sets

The Tea

Angela Pryce, the tasting tongue behind the Hope & Glory blends, presented a selection of the Hope & Glory teas at a tea tasting table. English Breakfast, Peppermint and Jasmine Green all made an appearance with bold, flavourful notes. However Red Velvet, an organic fruit tea blend, attracted attention with its delicate fruity flavours. Alongside brewing the teas perfectly, Angela was able to share expert tips on brewing methods and provide an insights to the world of blending.

The Cocktails

You can't have an event without cocktails, but Hope & Glory went a step further by creating their own tea based beverages, making a delightful, personalised addition to the event. Hope & Glory’s cocktail recipes are all listed in a section on their website, but the best of the night was the Mojito Sparkler which is made with a base of Red Velvet.

Hope & Glory Tea Cocktails

The Food

To further the experience, Hope & Glory also worked with the hotel to create a mix of sweet and savoury entrees to pair with tea and cocktails. The BEST by far was the rose water panna cotta which was like eating Turkish delight that angels had delicately put together. Serious. It was amazing. So amazing in fact that I now resolve to have this as a dessert at my wedding (I'm not engaged but a girl can dream ahead…). No other dessert will do.

Hope & Glory Tea Rose Water Panna cotta Dessert

Learning Points

There is so much to learn about tea, whether you are the beginning of or well into your tea journey, so when at a tea event there is always something new to learn! Here are a few discoveries from this event:

1 - Prior to attending the event, I was well aware of Hope & Glory. They are a little different to other tea companies, not being one to jump onto the latest tea trends, but stick true to their origins with an authentic Indian feel, both in their branding and product flavours. One aspect of their branding strategy is their collections that aid in the identification of characteristics of their tea and reinforcing the Hope & Glory branding.

Hope & Glory Tea

2 - Tea. Cocktails. Cocktails AND tea. This is genius. Obviously I knew tea cocktails existed but, if you have never took the plunge, it's hard to know what you're missing. If you love tea and never tried one, you're missing a lot! It's totally worth it, you'll never look back and in future will always double check any cocktail menu's for a tea based tipple.

3 - Chai. In a pan... Do it! I can completely relate if you are too lazy to try this method. I am your kin. I put off doing it for sooo long just because popping the kettle on was an easier alternative that resulted in less washing up. But it also results in a less superior flavour. The aroma of pan made chai will fill the house and has the ability to wrap you up or whisk you away. And the taste is far more authentic and just seemed to infuse so much more! Exceptional!

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