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About Tg Tea

A totally relatable brand that has a massively passionate feel. Creators Hua and Sophia are both highly academic and yet their love of green tea has led to a journey of creation with the Tg brand in the form of teabags, matcha and bottled iced tea. Furthermore, the brand seems so genuinely humble, giving thanks and praise to friends, family, supporters, business coaches and even giving named credit for website and packaging designs on their website. Check it out for yourself. How can you not just fall in love with them?


Green: 100% Green Tea.
Ginger & Lemon Zest: 78% Green Tea, 12% Ginger and 10% Lemon Peel.
Jujube & Osmanthus: 70% Green Tea, 25% Jujube and 5% Osmanthus.

Tg Green tea Teabag collection


Green: A lovely toasted green tea aroma.
Ginger & Lemon Zest: No distinct smell.
Jujube & Osmanthus: A slight fruity and floral scent.


Green: The first time I steeped this I found the tea to be a little bitter, accompanied with a toasted flavour. Ok… so I got cocky and didn’t let the water cool enough. How many times have you guys heard that from me eh!? I’m just far too impatient. The following taste tests were much more successful. I let the water sit and cool for an adequate amount of time in order to create a gorgeous toasted flavour from the leaves. You may also note a very slight grassy, almost sweet, element. If I’m honest, I was actually taken aback by how lovely Tg Green Tea tastes. I opened up one of the teabags to look at the quality of the leaves and whilst they aren’t quite top notch superior quality, they are definitely much better than supermarket own and big brand green tea bags.

Tg Green tea compared with premium and budget brands

Ginger & Lemon Zest: I really like ginger, it’s one of my top favourite flavours in tea, whereas lemon is most probably one of my all-time least favourite, two ends of my preference spectrum! With this in mind it's both lucky and unlucky that the flavours of both ingredients are quite mild, offering little hints of flavour rather than being a full on tongue blaster.

Tg teabags Ginger and Lemon Zest green tea

Jujube & Osmanthus: Again, as with the other flavoured tea in this collection, the fruity flavours aren’t incredibly prominent and stay quite weak. Despite this the tea does taste nice, with a mild hint of fruits, providing a slightly sweeter green tea which would be perfect for those used to sugar without the naughty calories.

Tg teabags Jujube and Osmanthus green tea


The instruction say you can add sugar, but and here’s a rant coming; the more I blog and the more I try new teas, the more I fundamentally disagree with adding sugar to green tea. Personally, I love feeling a connection to the natural flavours of the tea. Since I stopped drinking tea with sugar I’ve become incredibly sensitive to it’s synthetic like taste. Oh god I’m a tea snob… What I will say is this; Tg seems to have a very accessible feel about it, which I think will appeal to new green tea drinkers. Bearing this in mind, if it’s your first time drinking green tea and don’t like the taste or would like something a bit sweeter either try the Jujube and Osmanthus or add honey for a more natural sweet taste. However, this all comes down to the fact that if you are already used to sugar in your tea, then you may not be as sensitive.

Green tea brewing instructions from TG Green Tea

Final Thoughts

Cons: My only qualms with these products are pernickety. Firstly, the product doesn’t state what kind of green tea is used, other than spring plucked Chinese tea. As a tea lover I personally like to know just for the sake of knowing, but the average tea drinker may not be too fussed. The only other comment I would make is that the product doesn’t explain why the brewer should be leaving the water to cool. I worry this would mean some people will ignore the preparation instructions, brewing like normal tea and getting a bad experience, meaning no repeat buy and no new tea lover to be part of the ever expanding tea revolution. Yep, I’m an overthinker… I would love to see the product teaching people, particularly those who aren’t avid tea lovers, a little something about green tea, forcing them to connect with it a little more and understand why the water should be cooled.
Pros: I really like the branding of Tg green, its quite simple and fun but distinctive and crisp all at once. I also really, really like the taste of these teabags and feel that they were a much better alternative than big brand and own brand options, particularly if you don’t want the faff of loose leaf tea. The tea is good enough quality to double steep which gives you more cups, 24 in total, per pack! Furthermore, the ingredients are 100% natural, with no additives or flavourings. As if all this wasn't enough, Tg tea are also part of the Ethical Tea Partnership, who aim to create “a fairer, better, more sustainable tea industry for tea workers, farmers and the environment”. I love sustainable brands like this, so knowing this made me smile with joy and love the brand even more. Overall, I think it’s a really likable, quality brand, a big thumbs up.

Check out this Green Tea post if you want to find out more about the health benefits of green tea. If you want to try Tg green teas check out their website.


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