Tg Iced Tea Collection

Tg is a brand that loves green tea and wants you to love it to, so they’ve set about creating a selection of good quality green tea products: tea bags, matcha and bottled iced teas!

TG healthy bottled iced tea

About the Products

Currently having 3 bottled teas in their repertoire, Tg have created their range of green teas with extracts from the fleshy root of a plant called ginseng. This is totally on trend, with many other bottled green iced tea brands opting to do that same due to the additional health benefits that include; relieving anxiety, boosting concentration and being an anti-inflammatory. All this combined with the antioxidants and other health benefits of green tea means you’re body is getting an extra little boost in each Tg bottle. The flavour of ginseng is often deep and earthy, but if this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, don’t worry, Tg drinks are sweetened with cane sugar and stevia. Again this is another growing trend in the bottled iced tea industry and a way of offering a drink with natural sweetness, whilst avoiding unnecessary artificial sugars. Although Tg’s drinks are sweet, they only contain 30 calories and are the first to have all green on the nutritional traffic lights. Another impressive feature of this collection, and a fairly unique element that is paving the way for future bottled teas, is the brands decision to opt for green tea infusion. The majority of bottled tea brands opt for processed green tea extract combined with malic acid in order to create a tea like taste, but the Tg infusion uses genuine tea brewed up with plenty of water in order to create a more natural tea flavour.

TG healthy bottled iced tea

Green Tea & Ginseng

This is the plain one, but should by no means be overlooked. Most bottled iced teas lose the actual tea flavour to other flavours blended into the drink, so if what you’re really after is a bottled tea that retains the tea flavour, Tg’s got your back, this one’s for you. The taste itself is a slightly fruity (but weirdly not in a particularly sweet way), mingled with the toasted flavour of the green tea, which combines with ginseng to provide an earthy note.

Ginseng & Jujube

With many brands that are worth talking about there’s always that one product in their line that divides the market and sparks debate. For Tg, this is that product. The marmite of the bunch. The first talking point is the superfood ingredient jujube; a sweet Chinese berry that is high in antioxidants and vitamin C. That’s an additional body boost on top of the green tea and ginseng benefits! Although big in ancient and modern day China, Jujube is still relatively unknown in the western world and this drink has been inspiring intrepid excitement and curiosity in the adventurous and avoidance in the less so. When I asked people to actually taste it, the drink always had them divided, some loving it, others hating it. Overall this one is fairly fruity and really sweet, with a plum type taste, that remains mild as it mixes with the green tea and ginseng flavours.

Ginseng & Mandarin

If you love a fruity sweet drink, this one’s for you, being the fruitiest and the sweetest of the collection. The aroma is a strong mouth-watering orange, well technically mandarin, that invites you to indulge and take a swig. The ginseng is an underlying flavour, along with the green tea notes which remain mild and let the mandarin take over. Overall, completely refreshingly!
TG healthy bottled iced tea

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Tg bottled iced tea collection seems to have it all, offering a flavour to suits everyone’s palate, as well as being a healthier alternative to any other sweet drinks you might turn to. Did I mention there is also a load of water in these drinks, so they are also super hydrating, making them a perfect sports drink alternative. They're just perfect for any occasion!

If you want to learn more about Tg or purchase any of their products you can check them out here.


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