Tea Review: An Essence of Valencia

Introducing Esencia de Valencia

Esencia De Valencia Green Tea Petite Planethe, Spain

About This Tea

Supplier: La Petite Planethé, Spain
Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea, Rose Petals, Mallow Flowers and natural aroma of Orange and Lime
Brew Technique: 70-75°c, 2 minutes


A wondrous scent of tootti fruitti sherbert.
Esencia De Valencia Green Tea Petite Planethe, Spain


Valencia, a vibrant mix of quiet and colourful narrow streets that wind their way towards immense archaic buildings, placed amidst hidden bustling squares that harbour guests seeking shade and coolness from blistering summer heat. They sit, lounging, in long shadows cast from towering structures, church bell towers and fortresses. A growing city, surrounded by a peaceful rural setting of sleepy sun kissed villages, placed in the midst of fields full of ripening oranges, ready to burst from succulence. And yet, at night, it is alive with laughter as people seem to dance through the streets of little lights. Now image this as a flavour. A fruitful, relaxing liquor that floats through the senses, relieving you of your present circumstances and whisking you off into eastern Spain. You can detect this sun scented florals, taste the sour syrupiness of its provincial growing fruits, feel the hazy restfulness that passes over to a tickling pirouette of sweet, melodic flavours. This is Valencia and the blend is every bit its essence.

Esencia De Valencia Green Tea Petite Planethe, Spain

Final Thoughts

Esencia de Valencia was purchased, and is available from, from a delightful little tea shop in Valencia, called La Petite Planethe, that has a shabby chic, vintage sort of feel to it. Much like Valencia itself, I found it hard not to fall in love with this blend, that seems to fizz in the mouth, hosting floral notes that give way to fruity flavours, with vibrant colours and a succulent smell. A true taste of Spanish summer. This is just one of three tea blends that were purchased in Spain in July 2016. To read more about the trip and the other teas purchased, check out the Tea Travels.

Have you been to Valencia? What would your Valencian experience taste like in a tea?


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