Tea Review: We Love Mango

About This Tea

Ingredients: Chinese Sencha, Mango & Sunflower Blossoms
Brewing Technique: 85°C, 30 Seconds
Supplier: Bruu


A grassy note combined with a beautiful tropical, fruity aroma. We Love Mango smells like sunshine on a Caribbean beach. Close your eyes and just imagine it.

We Love Mango Green Tea - Bruu Tea Club Image from Bruu


Personal preference is a big thing when it comes to flavour, like everyone else I have my personal preferences, yet try not to be biased when reviewing tea. This being said, I don’t normally like tropical fruit flavours, but all I could think while I was drinking this was… “wow… this is good”. We Love Mango is fruity, in a welcomed overpowering way, letting the grassy notes, held in the Sencha, withdraw until the finish.

There’s a reason Bruu suggest 30 seconds brewing time. When I first tried this blend, I brewed it for a lot longer than recommended 30 seconds. A naughty 2 minutes. I thought I’d got away with it. But alas, no. The first half of the cup was delicious, but the further through the cup I got, the bitterer the blend became, until I couldn’t face another mouthful. I was getting a horrible metallic flavour on the back on my tongue, which stuck around for a while. Surprise, surprise, when brewed for the correct amount of time, the taste was consistently pleasant throughout the whole cup and, bonus, stronger mango notes.


Ice: Try this with ice! It makes for a sweet, fruity and hydrating drink.
Cocktail: Do you like pina coladas? If so, try adding coconut milk or coconut cream and a little Malibu / white rum with ice to this blend for a cheeky cocktail that’s a twist on the classic!

Final Thoughts

We Love Mango is a very adaptable tea with a strong, fruity palate; ideal for those who want to rinse away all traces of winter and replace them with summer. Just remember to stick to the brewing instructions with this one.

This tea was recieved as part of the Bruu Tea Club Subscription Service. Check it out. If you've tried this tea let me know your thoughts. Alternatively, if your interested in trying it out click here.


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