Tea Review: White Honey Fig

About This Tea

Supplier: Seven Sisters Tea, Canada
Ingredients: Spring Harvested White Tea, Fig, Rice Flower, Apple Chunks, Candied Pineapple, Citric Acid, Hibiscus Blossoms, Almond, Red Beet, Rose Buds, Hibiscus Extract, Natural Flavour
Brewing Technique: 85°c, 1-2 Minutes

Seven Sisters - White Honey Fig White Tea


A sweet, musty perfume with a prominent fig and slight apple aroma. Think spring orchards with a middle-eastern twist.


The flavour profile in White Honey Fig is inconsistent, depending what ingredients are spooned into your brew and how much of them. Annoying if you REALLY like a particular flavour, exciting if you find the prospect of a new cup each time stimulating. With a bold and unique blend, like White Honey Fig, it's easy to feel like a story is being told and this blend provides two adventures with the changing flavours. The first, whisks your taste buds to the relaxing heat of the middle-east, experienced through strong fig over notes with a fruity and slightly caramelised undertone. While this cup has a slightly green hue, the second cup, creates a deep pink liquid. The flavour profile reflects this change in colour by containing a Turkish feel of sweeter, softer musty floral notes and sour apples. An adventure every time!

Seven Sisters - White Honey Fig White Tea


Dried figs are incredibly sweet, so no matter what blend of ingredients you get in your cup, it’s always going to be a fairly sweet brew. Personally, I found adding a sweet a little too much for me, making the cup quite sicking and less enjoyable. However, when those sour apple notes come out to play, it does help to tone them down.

Seven Sisters - White Honey Fig White Tea

Final Thoughts

I’m not a massive fan of fig but, with so few tea blends using it, I really wanted to give this one a whirl. It's naturally sweet flavour appeals directly to my massive sweet tooth and I loved the interchanging flavours of the cups, which seemed bold and adventurous. Despite these changing profiles, the cup remains consistently light bodied with an eastern feel, making it feel perfect for hot days, drank either hot or cold. You can get your own pack of White Honey Fig from Seven Sisters Tea.



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