Tea Chest by Whittard of Chelsea

Tea Chest is your first class ticket to exploring the wonderful world of Whittard premium tea.


Every month you’ll get 20g of three different Whittard loose leaf teas, that's about 6-8 cups per tea! You’ll also receive some empty teabags and tasting cards, which tell you how to brew, what to pair with, factoids and a numerology story relating to each tea. The neat thing about your first Tea Chest delivery, is that you’ll get a tea measuring scoop (something I never owed and didn’t think could be as tea changing as it has been).

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Chest Subscription Box


Your box will be shipped within 7 days of purchase and reoccur every month going forward (you can pause or cancel anytime). As with many subscription services, the postage is free! Sadly, at the time of writing this, Tea Chest is only available for delivery in the UK. Fingers crossed that this changes in the future for my fellow tea lovers worldwide!


So how much does this treat cost? I can almost hear you thinking "Whittard is a premium tea brand... the service looks great... their teas are excellent... it's gonna costs a bomb!" Happy news! Even I was surprised to learn that the Tea Chest actually only costs £12.95 a month!

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Chest Subscription Box Rudyard Kipling Quote

How is this Subscription Different?

A ton of UK based tea subscription services come from start-ups, and although many try to sell their service as luxury, it can be hard to shake the fresh, trendy image that makes start-ups so identifiable. In comparison, Whittard is a readily established premium tea brand, with a look and feel that indicates true quality.

Subscribing to Tea Chest also makes you part of the Whittard tea tasting club, and for that you’ll get exclusive discounts, early bird notifications of future products and members only competitions.

Finally, you get the basic tools to help you become a tea fanatic. If you make loose leaf your regular choice, it'll eventually be better to upgrade to a steep basket, however the disposable teabags and measuring spoon are a great way to get newbies started on making the perfect brew.

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Chest Subscription Box

The Tea

The important part!

Robert Fortune Blend
Ingredients: Indian Tea, Himalayan Tea, Yunnan Black Tea and Camellia Tea Flowers
Brewing Guide: 100°C, 3-5 Minutes
Numerology: Robert Fortune was the James Bond of the tea trade: a 19th century botanist who stole tea secrets from the Chinese. He was responsible for bringing Chinese tea-producing techniques to India. Whittard have tracked Fortune’s travels with a blend of teas and, in the spirit of espionage, numbered the blend 57 – reached by adding up the numbers in Robert Fortunes date of birth, 16.11.1812!

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Chest Subscription Box - Robert Fortune Blend Black Tea

Tasting Note: Dried aroma is a "standard" black tea smell; malty, a little fruity, with tiny hints of tobacco. Once steeped these notes develop an additional smoky hint! The actual flavour is beautiful; malt, a subtle smokiness, that’s easy to miss in the first few sips, and what I can only describe as a puerh likeness. These deep, peaty notes hint at the dark and mysterious past the blend is associated with! It’s a warming cuppa, and the subtle smokiness should ease the transition from warm to cool days.

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Chest Subscription Box - Robert Fortune Blend Black Tea

Strawberry Mint
Ingredients: Apple Pieces, White Bean Pods, Blackberry Leaves, Blackcurrant Leaves, Nettle Leaves, Spearmint, Strawberry Pieces and Flavouring
Brewing Guide: 100°C, 3-5 Minutes
Numerology: Born in 1896, the novels and short stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald have come to define the cocktail-loving jazz age of the 1920’s. Whittard numbered this tea 96, as a nod to Fitzgeralds taste for Mint Juleps and Strawberry Daiquiris.

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Chest Subscription Box - Strawberry Mint Herbal Fruit Tea

Tasting Note: Ok, this blend got my mouth watering, not just a little, but A LOT! The aroma is something I can only describe as a candy strawberry (like Chewits, remember those?!), sweet and synthetic, but in a nicely reminiscent sort of way. Once steeped the mint creates a glacial, cooling edge. Brewed hot, the flavour is weak, something I’ve come to expect from flavoured fruit blends, but I can understand why others tasting this may be disappointed. The fruity element is much more reserved, with the mint being dominant. It’s ok, but not a tea I would personally turn to for comfort.

On a hot day though? That’s when blends like this shine! Ok, so… obviously it was gorgeous. Vancouver was sweltering, at the time I was guzzling through this, so cold brewed Strawberry Mint was a literally saviour.

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Chest Subscription Box - Strawberry Mint Herbal Fruit Tea

Something about this blend made me feel inspired, so I used it to make a Balsamic Salad Dressing! Check out my recipe!

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Chest Subscription Box - Strawberry Mint Herbal Fruit Tea balsamic salad dressing

Summer Pudding
Ingredients: Black Tea, Flavouring, Juniper Berries, Strawberry Pieces, Blackberry Leaves, Blackcurrants and Redcurrants
Brewing Guide: 100°C, 3-5 Minutes
Numerology: Summer Pudding makes for a good cold brew – just the thing for the height of midsummer. Whittard numbered this tea 246, in honour of the 24th June.

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Chest Subscription Box - Summer Pudding Black Tea Berry Blend

Tasting Note: Summer Pudding is super berrilicious, containing a mix of 5 different berries and currents! Whoa! The steep aroma projects a sweet current scent with a slight strawberry hint, however the actual flavour is much less distinctive, with a general fruitiness that combines with the strong astringency of the black tea.

When cold brewed, this blend is really refreshing, with a delicate fruitiness and a black tea that is smoother and easier to sip at. The fruits in this are a mixture of summer and autumn harvests, making this feel like a great transition tea, the light current and strawberry serving as a reminder of the summer slipping away from us, whilst the darker late season fruits hint at the autumn coolness creeping in. Perfect tea timing!

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Chest Subscription Box - Summer Pudding Black Tea Berry Blend

Final Thoughts

Whittard are selling this with their name and imagery. There's no long winded wording about why this is the best tea subscription service, they're just sticking to the basic details and letting the tea speak for its self. I love that, the idea that metaphorically it says "you know us, you know our tea, here's our service, look how great it looks! Join it... or don’t…” The faff free superiority of it makes me love it all the more!

Of course it's all beautifully packaged, which comes back to this being a premium service and looking great. Finally, possible my all-time favourite thing about Tea Chest, is the numerology, the stories that tell us why the tea was created, what inspired it, and therefore ties us to it, in a way I don’t often experience. All teas have a story and it's nice that Tea Chest brings us closer to them.


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