World Tea Awards

The 2017 World Tea Awards, that celebrate everything tea and allow recognition in the tea industry, are just around the corner!

The awards recognise leaders with categories such as "Best Tea Health Advocate", "Best Brewing Device" and "Best Tea Educator". However, amazingly, the awards also recognises those who don't necessarily work in tea, but dedicate time to it. That's right, I'm talking about bloggers, or specifically tea bloggers. Yup, "Best Tea Blog" exists!

This year, I'm asking you to nominate Taste the Tea in this category. I have worked so hard to build the blog over the past year, sourcing tea companies for new products, photography and writing descriptive and honest posts, with tea lovers and new tea bellies in mind. Receiving this kind of nomination would mean everything, solidifying all the time, effort and energy that is the backbone to blogging.

Nominations close May 2nd, 2017.


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