The Most Popular Christmas Tea Ingredients

In the run up to Christmas, I’ve been spending a fair bit of my tea drinking time indulging in festive themed teas, over 60 of them…, with the aim of creating a comprehensive directory of Christmas teas. Whilst this is kind of a dream come true, it’s also been a lot of hard work and preparation. I still managed to miss all the deadlines I set myself. Fellow bloggers, I’m sure you can relate. Anyway, whilst drinking all these teas I started tracking the ingredients. In truth I have no idea why, I’m just a bit obsessive when it comes to lists and numbers, so I thought I would make a fun little post listing (oh look, another list!) the top 6 ingredients used this season.

First, here are some of the more unusual and least used ingredients from the Christmas teas featured in Santa’s Christmas Tea List, most of which appeared only once!

6 – Cardamom

A huge amount of teas featured on the list had a predominant spiced flavour, a selection of which were chai teas, so it’s not surprising that this is one of the key ingredients used to recreate the spiced element of Christmas.


5 – Ginger

Ginger features heavily in German and central European Christmas recipes; gingerbread, spiced cookies and cakes. Luckily for us tea lovers, some tea companies have used this as inspiration, creating gingerbread teas. However, other have used ginger in chai mixes, creating that spiced Christmas feel.

4 - Orange

Orange evokes a Christmassy feel though the image of Chris-tingles and the fruity aroma produced. Also, who hasn’t and an orange put in their xmas stocking? No? You were clearly deprived. Some teas have opted to include a citrus note to their fruit teas, others to their black.
Orange and Cloves

3 – Cloves

For some, a dreaded ingredient, but in small quantities this can add a nice element to a spice mix. Again, this has mainly been included in a mix of spices and chai teas.


2 – Black Tea

The only tea ingredient to feature prominently! Although the list features an oolong, a handful of rooibos, even mosre fruit teas and a couple of white and green teas, black tea was by far the most common tea blend on the list.

Black Tea

1 – Cinnamon

How can you have Christmas without cinnamon, the taste of it in a pudding, the smell of it emitting through the house. How!? The answer is quite simple, you can’t. Cinnamon, the most popular ingredient, having appeared in nearly half of the teas on the list and when you think about it, it all make perfect sense!


So what kind of Christmas teas have you opted for this year? The classic spiced black tea, a fruit tea or something more unusual?



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