Tea Review: Xx Berry Me In Kisses xX

About This Tea

Ingredients: White Tea, Dried Strawberries, Elderberries, Blueberries and Hibiscus
Brewing Technique: 4-5 Minutes
Supplier: Tease Tea


The colour on this is amazing. I loved watching this steep, transform and transcend the perfectly clear water from a light blue to a magnificent, deep pink. Mesmerising and unquestionably my favourite thing about Berry Me In Kisses.

Berry Me In Kisses White Tea with Fruit - Tease Tea


Extremely fruity, not just fruity... extremely fruity, with a tidal wave of sweetness, so strong that it's hard to believe it's completely natural. When steeped this develops a musky note, from the hibiscus, and the sweet smell declines to a natural level, becoming more relaxing than alarming.


The first thing to think about with this blend is the white tea. You can’t taste it. If you were being brutal you would think it's a waste of white tea, perhaps even question why it's in the blend at all. Well... I'm glad you've a least thought about it now, it allows me to enlighten you. White tea, as with blueberries, which are also in this super blend, contains high levels of antioxidants, the highest of all the teas in fact, making this a healthier choice of fruit blend.

The second thinking point starts with a question. You know how fruit teas always smell amazing, and you can't wait to taste the liquid fruit teasing your senses, but it always ends up tasting a bit weak and naff and absolutely nothing like it smelt?
Well… the opposite is true of Berry Me In Kisses. The smell not being totally appealing, verging on synthetically sweet. However, it's easy to acknowledge that this tastes super good! When steeped it becomes hard to pick out a singular fruit taste, with the berries combining into a mix of berry goodness, creating something that tastes extremely similar to a hot Ribena, just a lot less sweet. Which is great for the health conscious.

Berry Me In Kisses White Tea with Fruit - Tease Tea


Sweet: The problem with thinking you’re about to drink liquid fruit is that fruit is sweet. It contains a lot of sugar. Dried fruit used in fruit blends rarely transfers much of those sugars into tea and Berry Me In Kisses is no exception. Depending on your attitude, this may be either a blessing or a curse. Personally, despite having an extreme sweet tooth, I enjoy tea as a guilt free treat and rarely add sweet, except for blog tasting purposes, so I see this as a win! However, to get that sweet kick just add some sugar and you should be good to go.
Ice: Iced or chilled is my favourite way to drink Berry Me In Kisses because it adds a short sour finish, creating an uplifting, refreshing feeling. When drank cold it becomes so easy to see how this could be enjoyed as a virgin or alcoholic punch.

"This tea is fabulous served iced with a splash of soda water and cranberry juice, which is also great for vodka based cocktails." - Tease Tea

Final Thoughts

This is an amazingly fruity blend that seems to be the real deal, great ingredients AND great taste. As it stands though (there's always a but isn't there) I do feel like Tease Tea are missing a trick. A higher tea to fruit ratio might provide this product with a better USP by being marketed as a healthier caffeine fix OR removing the tea leaves all together for a great tasting caffeine free fruit tea. Either way, Berry Me In Kisses is easily one of the best fruit teas I've ever had. This may not mean much coming from someone who isn't the biggest fan of fruit tea. But when you think about it, it's not surprising really, when the average fruit tea stocked in supermarkets, often uses minimal amounts of real fruit, high amounts of artificial colours and flavourings with poor quality tea leaves (if any are used). What’s great about Berry Me In Kisses is that it actually contains so many whole dried berries. You just can see the obvious quality of the blend, thus allowing a natural and authentically fruity taste, with a real punch of antioxidants and vitamins. I've therefore come to realise, in actual fact I am a fruit tea lover and I am also just one of the thousands who have been let down by big store brands. All I (and perhaps you too) needed was a quality tea to see it.

If you've tried Berry Me In Kisses, let me know what you thought or if you would like to give at go Click Here.


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